Our Members Say

Rufus Frowde, our musical director, tells the story of a lady who came up to him at the end of one of the early rehearsals after the choir was founded in 2009 and said that she was eighty years old and had never believed that she could sing, but the choir had helped her to find her voice. So, it’s never too late to try something new.

 Here are what some of our members say about the choir:

“Kindness, inclusivity and the most talented founder and conductor, Rufus, who brings out the best in everyone week in week out. Judi is his fabulous accompanist and together they put on the most wonderful concerts, bringing community together. Long may they continue, they do such great work in giving local people the opportunity to be part of something wonderfully positive.”

“The whole experience is fun. It’s an opportunity to meet with other people from a wide and diverse population particularly now that I am retired. I always look forward to coming, even on the days when physically it is a struggle.”

“The social side of the choir is important too – we get to know each other and make new friends.”

“Rufus and Judi (our accompanist) are both excellent in the way they engage us in singing, it is never a chore and we are treated well and never talked down to or undermined.”

“Singing is a great mood lifter. I always come away with a big smile on my face.”

“The choir is famous for its friendly and inclusive approach – I love it!”

“For me the choir has been very important in coping with the loss of my daughter. Singing lifts the spirit and prevents me falling into depression.”